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"A Globalist Cult controls the modern world and has entranced Western Civilization to suicide through mantras of democracy and liberalism." 

Thank you for visiting For more information or if you have questions regarding the topics discussed, any content matter to submit ( articles, local news, and information) on matters affecting your neck of the woods, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you. 

Additionally, it has been said that "The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum Of It's Parts" and for Leftists this is true. They are a hive mind. However, to the Right of Leftism, we value individual aptitude, it is a better model to understand that "The Whole Is Only As Good As It's Parts". Recognizing this I invite you to submit to me any information that you as an individual have honed in on and/or gleaned that may be deemed pertinent to the subjects discussed on this website. You never know when you are on to something. I urge you to trust your inner guide and I thank you in advance for doing so.


I invite you to subscribe (below) as the future for Right-leaning individuals (meaning anyone whose views fall to the right of Marxism in this new paradigm created by Leftists) is in peril due to impending iron fist censorship. They continue to warn us.

In fact, we may find ourselves entirely in the dark if we are not proactive in building our own information networks now. Back to the 90's we go using chain mail.

Thanks for submitting!

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